Almacis delivers a work project for 300 Kenyans

From the newspapers: Il Centro and County Business

Kenya, Sigor village, near the Wei Wei river in the region of West Pokot: 300 families will be able to work and live in their native region thanks to a 350-hectare parcel of land snatched from the savannah. This “Christmas present” to Kenyans was made by 4 construction companies from the Abruzzo region, who have travelled to Kenya to create a system of fields… and corresponding irrigation networks that will finally allow locals to farm produce in a land that once held no hope for them. A land that this year alone, solely towards Italy, lost half a million people in an exodus of biblical proportions. The 4 companies are Alma Cis srl (the parent company) of Enrico Marramiero, Mic srl Gravina Group of Gabriele, Leonardo and Francesco Gravina, Impresa Di Cintio srl of Paolo Di Cintio, Di Carmine Costruzioni srl of Gianni, Piergiorgio and Andrea Di Carmine, which banded together as the AlmaK company in order to participate in the tender by the Italian Cooperation and the Kenya Ministry of Regional Development Authorities.”

The Almacis adventure in Kenya continues…

U.S. Embassy in Nairobi

“Congratulations on winning the U.S. Embassy Nairobi Housing Compound Roof Replacement Contract (19GE5018C0061)”.
With this announcement of 29th September, Mr. David Machen confirmed our successful bid for the tender titled “Compound Roof Replacement” for the residential units of the American Embassy in Nairobi. A highly satisfying achievement, made possible thanks to the hard work, experience and skill that make Almacis a sector leader.

Almacis in Kenya

NAVFAC – U.S. Navy

“Congratulations on winning the contract N3319118C0219 D-B Replace Roof, Medical Research Unit, Kisumu, Kenya.”
On 13th September, Mrs. Teresa C. Smith, of the U.S. Government, Department of the Navy, thus informed J.V. Almacis of its success in the tender titled “Replace Roof Medical Research Unit, Kisumu, Kenya”. Work has begun, under the Technical Direction of engineer Luigino Romandini.

Almacis Main Sponsor of Young African Art

“Cross-Border Languages” / november 2019

Before a packed gallery, on 16th November 2019, Pescara hosted the vernissage of the exhibition Young African Art – Linguaggi oltre Confine, a project promoted by Carlo Maresca SpA and the art gallery YAG/garage. This artistic residence in the city of Pescara involved six young people from the African continent: Nelson Niyakire, Burundi / Khulekani Msweli, eSwatini (formerly Swaziland)/ Marwa Saad, Egypt / Selome Muleta, Ethiopia / Collin Sekajugo, Rwanda/Uganda / Elolo Bosoka, Ghana. 
The exhibition-event, under the artistic direction of Ivan D’Alberto, was made possible thanks to the support of private individuals and companies, including Almacis in the capacity of Main Sponsor.