Almacis: a story built on innovation, one generation after another.

“Never betray your work, but desire and love it with all your heart, because in it you will always find trust, peace of mind and wellbeing” (Dante Marramiero)

These words sum up the spirit and cultural legacy of Dante Marramiero, who in the mid ’50s founded the company which has continued to grow up to the present day.
Awarded the title of Commander of Merit of the Italian Republic, Dante instilled his energy and determination in the men and women who worked alongside him and who embraced his vision, which ultimately allowed the company to grow, step by step, one success after another.

Dante Marramiero charted a path that led his company to become a point of reference in the building sector and in the construction of water pipeline networks, gas and sewage networks, with major contracts throughout Central and Southern Italy.
He identified management of gas networks as an area of great potential and, starting in the early ‘70s, acquired over 40 concessions. His pioneering spirit and vision led the company to expand its horizons to the world of energy and research in the field of renewable sources, becoming a trailblazer in the sector of micro-cogeneration and laying the foundations for know-how and expertise that were destined to endure.

The expansion of industrial activities paved the way for the first reorganisation of the Group. The original company, Impresa Marramiero, produced several offshoots specialised in different fields: MD Costruzioni, for the construction of civil and industrial buildings, Almacis which was founded in 1987 as a result of the separation of the Almagas branch and specialises in the plant engineering sector and, in 1990, MD Ecogen, a company specialised in services and planning.
By the time of the founder’s death in 1993, Almacis had a sound structure that facilitated the handover to his son, who gave further impetus to the business. This industrial development continued harmoniously, leading Almacis to take its first steps on the international market.

Almacis Solving Generation is today organised into four specialised, independent Business Units, dedicated to energy, networks, building and research.