Solving Generation

The word “generate” encapsulates the ambition of those who wish to make an innovative contribution; the energy of those who are aware of their own achievements; the creative quest for solutions to fuel progress.

Almacis nurtures a team focused on research and innovation.


The B.U. designs, constructs and manages systems for energy production from renewable and traditional sources.

Network Utilities

The B.U. designs, constructs and manages infrastructure networks for gas, fluids and data distribution.


The B.U. designs and constructs civil and industrial buildings, both independently and as a general contractor.

Research and Development

The B.U. researches, proposes and develops solutions for plants and processes using its own scientific and technological know-how.

A synchronised team, focused on research, specialisation and innovation.


We invest in human resources and research for a more sustainable future.

We are committed to being a leading provider of innovative and sustainable solutions for energy systems, building and infrastructure.

We invest in research, technology, human resources, to do what other fail to do or to do it differently, more efficiently and more sustainably.
Our industrial culture, expressed through integrated, synergistic specialist skills, allows us to handle the complex needs of the various intervention sectors, guaranteeing clients rapid responses designed to compete at the highest levels in the international arena.

We value people and believe in ongoing training, and in the desire to work as a team. Each individual plays their part in guaranteeing customer satisfaction, constantly guided by ethical conduct, sustainability and innovation. For us, every challenge aimed at change is an opportunity for growth, and mistakes are a chance to improve. We focus on results and on high standards of efficiency, strictly in accordance with the client’s real needs: that’s why we don’t have employees, but collaborators; we don’t have clients and suppliers, but partners.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” (Charles Darwin)

Ongoing investment in research, technology and human resources translates into an industrial culture founded on integrated, synergistic specialist skills. Almacis has built its history on innovation and today it represents one of Italy’s leading companies in the industrial sectors in which it operates.